Graham Phisher’s GIF Adventure

Graham Phisher’s GIF Adventure

Alexandra Heard – Poppin Bottles

On a video shoot set, for Sol-N-Hus Poppin Bottles, just doing some photography in the background

Julia – Liquor Store

Getting some dranks before her first shoot to take the edge off before we do our shoot for my friend Adam’s clothing line Freshly Baked.

Mona – Product Shoot

On set with Mona doing a product shoot for a clothing line. Trying to get her back to do another shoot sometime, we been talking about it.

Steve Angello – POP 2013

Steve Angello dropping “Rave N Roll” at the Oracle Arena, with these massive steam volcanos going off when the beat dropped.

Ariel Peake – Video Shoot

Super dope recent video shoot I did with Ariel for one of my singles “Into You”, still editing it…

Jenny – Chillin

Just kicking it before she has to go another shoot and see some family.

Raven Le Faye – Pink on Pink

One of my all time favorite models in the Bay Area / West Coast, this is the first time we met up at some studio opening, I don’t remember everything, go google her for more of her photos.

Kiiiatra – Ravin

Kytra straight getting it at the Gingerbread house in SF, at least I think thats what the spot was called, I think cops came thru shut it down I don’t remember.

Sonia Tiger – Video Shoot

From filming my first music video to my own music, Sonia just doing her thing and being great.

Sleez – Photoshoot

He’s not fanning himself just to showboat, it really gets hot in the studio with the lights I work with, currently working on a logo design for his crew.

Vicky – Bubble Bath

Super fun shoot with Vicky, she was so professional and comfortable and really brought it for some amazing shots.

DeadStock – LV Pattern

Just a pattern design / animation I did for a friendos clothing line with the artwork he did. Search for Adam Herrera on Facebook if you ever need any illustration work done.

Rollin – Before The After Party

Me, Vicky, Kytra, Jonny (still love you bro lets work), and a buncha other people I don’t know, wilding out after a Excision concert, I look light here but that’s what 6 months of raving will do lol.

Sonia Tiger / Ariel Peake

This was during the filming of my music video for “Into You” my black magic camera card was full and wasn’t accepting the other cards I had, so I said fuck it and filmed it with my cell phone.

EPR – Electro Pop Rocks

Still going like this every Wednesday, fun times, feel a little old going there now being 25, since its 18+ but whatever.

IHops & Acid

Made this for one of my long time friends for him to trip out to while he was rolling at a iHops, lost contact with him, hope everything’s still good, Love you Slypto.

Drunk n’ Twerkin

Apparently I filmed this, I was blacked out though, the shoot was over, it was a product shoot for DeadStock Records. Check em out!

DNA Lounge – Good Riddens

Sorry if that title hurts your feelings, I know they’re closing, I had good times there, but holy shit worst sound system ever, dope lights, sound system though geez lu weez, so bad…

Lines – I don’t Know?

I dont even know what to say with this one. Just some trippy pattern shit I do from time to time.

Last Day B4 Last Day In SF

Last day before “actually” living in sf partying with a friend, and well… thank god no one took this red signal flare as a sign for help.

Before the first try on these smoke bomb things for god knows what reason they said you should use eye protection, really only time I’ve used my prescribed glasses to do anything. except to pretend to look smart sometimes…hmm… (*space outs*)


  1. Yellow Lazers · March 30, 2017

    Keep doin what you do my ninja!

  2. Lyle Bickley · March 31, 2017

    Wow, very cool – fantastic GIFs!!!


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